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Professional Development

Professional Development Office

Teacher Expectations & Student Achievement (TESA)

The TESA Program

  • Research-based staff development that focuses on maintaining high expectations for all students
  • Behavioral change program that helps educators interact more equitably with all students
  • Focuses on 15 interactions that improve three main areas of teaching behaviors: questioning, feedback and student self-esteem
  • Provides opportunity for teachers to practice interactions and observe fellow participants

TESA Program Results

  • Improves interactions between educators and students by raising awareness of how teachers' expectations affect students' performance
  • Increases student achievement and improves classroom climate
  • Builds collegial team partnerships by providing peer support for participants

Why Choose TESA?

  • Having all APS staff TESA trained Supports APS Annual Priorities and Strategic Goals
  • Learn, practice, and observe effective ways to interact with students
  • Reflect and discuss best practices with colleagues in a supportive atmosphere
  • Earn up to 90 recertification points

Training Sites for 2010-2011

Oakridge and Langston


The Professional Development Office x2113


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