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Friday, July 03, 2015

Specials: Music

School Year 2014-2015
Vocal Music
           At Campbell School the vocal music program offers diverse opportunities for exploration, performance (vocal and instrumental), theory and music listening.  All students in Pre-School through 1st grade receive music instruction twice per week for thirty minutes; students in grades two through five receive 45 minutes of instruction per week. 
          Through the music curriculum, students are actively engaged in activities which promote musical understanding. Early childhood education includes movement, creative play, singing, and instruments to introduce music concepts, such as steady beat, loud/soft, fast/slow, low/high and patterns.  Sound production is explored through rhythm instruments and pitch in introduced by barred instruments and bell chimes.  Middle and upper grade students build on the basic components of music (beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, etc.) through singing a variety of folk songs from the United States and around the world and playing rhythmic and melodic instruments (Orff) to accompany song material. In addition, music concepts are strengthened through games, activities, and manipulatives.  Students also dance and move to music in traditional and interpretative forms, improvise and compose music, and listen to music from various style periods and cultures. 
           Piano instruction is an important part of the music instruction for grades two through five. Through the keyboard, the students can strengthen their note reading skills and synthesize their music knowledge into performance.  In addition, the piano skills improve pitch awareness and fine motor skills.
Instrumental Music
Orchestral Music

Fourth and Fifth graders at Campbell can choose to play one of four string instruments, the violin, the viola, the cello, or the double bass. Most of the instruments and supplies needed for class are provided by Campbell for a small rental fee. String classes meet once a week for 30 minutes. In these classes, students learn how to take care of their instruments and how to read music besides learning how to play. Advanced 5th graders in their second year of playing participate in the annual Pyramid Concert given in February. During this concert they perform with students from elementary schools all over Arlington. All Campbell string students perform in Campbell's Spring Concert each June

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