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Additional Services  w

The counselors consult and collaborate with parents/guardians, staff, and community agencies regarding strategies to help students and families. Parents are invited to make an appointment with the counselor via email or by calling the school.
Parent Presentations j
The counselors are available to talk at PTA meetings, answer questions at chats organized by the principal, lead discussion of parenting ideas at a book discussion, or present formally on a requested topic.  A Family Event for 5th graders and their parent/guardian on alcohol awareness is held annually.  For the past 4 years, the student services staff jointly sponsored a presentation on digital citizenship with the librarian and ITC.  The student services staff also host an information table at Back-to-School Night. The counselors also participate on panels during transition events like orientation to kindergarten.
Transition to Middle School w
The counselors will work with fifth graders, their parents, and counselors at the Middle School to facilitate a smooth transition to the next level.  This includes an orientation by the counselors, a visit to Nottingham by the Middle School counselor, and a visit by all fifth grade students to the Middle School.
Monthly Newslettercn
"Nottingham School Counseling Program News" is an online newsletter.  The focus of the issues is determined in the annual plan for the program.
Bullying Prevention and Intervention Program     u
During the 08-09 School Year Nottingham piloted a school wide bullying prevention program using materials from the Committee for Children and children's literature.  The program is referred to as Steps to Respect, based on the grade 3-5 materials. Nottingham implemented a literature based bullying prevention program in kindergarten through grade 2 in 08-09 as well. In grades K-2 the PBIS Bullying Prevention strategies Stop, Walk, and Talk are taught to handle disrespectful and bullying behavior.
The School also participates in Bullying Prevention Month activities in October. 
The school will "wear orange to make it end" in October on Unity Day.
The school will "Mix It Up at Lunch" in late October. 
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