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Classroom Lessons and Student Results

Classroom lessons taught by the counselors are presented to all students at Nottingham. The lessons cover academic, college and career readiness, and social/emotional content. The lessons are based on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Standards, Virginia Standards of Learning, and Arlington County Public Schools Competencies and Indicators for the School School Counseling Program. The lessons are thirty minutes once a month (September-June). The lessons about friendship and bullying draw heavily on the Steps to Respect materials.  Most of the lessons in grades K-2 are literature based. Teachers may also request additional lessons to address specific needs unique to their class (i.e., sensitivity to students with exceptionalities).

 Grade level theme and lesson titles
Kindergarten (10 sessions plus career visitors)

What makes people good students, friends, and workers

Alike and Different

Introduction to Feelings

Debug Problem Solving (5 lessons)

   Step 1 Ignore - Stone Face

   Step 2 Turn, Walk, or Move Away

   Step 3 Friendly Talk

   Step 4 Straight Talk

   Step 5 Get Adult Help

Workers at School

Workers in the Community

Career Visitors

Saying No! (Personal Safety)

Grade 1 (10 sessions plus career visitors)

Becoming good students, friends, and workers

It's OK to be Different

Express Your Feelings

Friends Are Beautiful on the Inside

Talk It Out

Tattling Does Not Solve Problems

Bullying Behavior


Places of Work

Tools of the Trade

Career Visitors

Safety Steps

Grade 2 (10 sessions plus career visitors)

Problem solving at school, home, and work

All Kinds of People

All Feelings are OK

Friendship Begins with Respect

Recipe for Friends

Tattling (Don’t Squeal Unless It’s a Big Deal)

Strategies to Handle Conflict

Say Something (Role of Bystanders in Bullying)

6 Career Paths

Career Information

Career Visitors

Run, Yell, Tell (Personal Safety)

Grade 3 (10 sessions plus Career Cafes)

Building Bridges: School, Friends, and Future

Get Started on the Right Foot



Speak Up to Solve Problems

The Power of One – Responding to Conflict and Bullying


Identifying the 4Rs of Bullying

Online Behavior & Cyber Bullying

Career Start

Crayons to College to Careers

Grade 4 (10 sessions plus Career Cafes )

Getting along now and tomorrow

Celebrate Diversity

OH PLAY (3 study skills lessons)

  Organization Healthy Habits

  Plan Listen

  Attitude Your choice (short-term goal setting)

Healthy Friendships

Emotion Management

Relational Aggression: Awareness & Strategies

Cyber bullying and the 4Rs

Careers and Me

Careers Now, Then, & Future

Grade 5 (13-14 sessions plus Career Cafes )

Goals are dreams with deadlines

Learning Strengths

Goal Setting

Friendship and Conflict

The Ruler Approach to Social and Emotional Learning

All Types of Bullying (Cyberbullying)

Handling Relational Aggression


Exploring Career Goals

Career Magic


Mental Health* (can also be taught by school psychologist)

Too Smart to Start** (co-taught with school nurse) – 2 sessions

Middle School*** (middle school counselors also participate in transition)

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