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Our Business Partners

ANSER is a not-for-profit public service research institute dedicated to building the future of our nation. ANSER's vision is to strengthen public institutions by improving their effectiveness and efficiency, to enhance public safety by helping our nation to deal with 21st Century threats, and to help protect U.S. technological leadership by nurturing the science and technology workforce. ANSER values excellence, initiative, integrity, teamwork, and communication. ANSER employs many different types of people, includinganalysts, research professionals, and management professionals, with varied educational backgrounds and work experience.

ANSER believes strongly in the importance and value of education in building excellence in our nation's leaders and in the workforce of the future. As a member of the Arlington County community, ANSER is proud to have the opportunity to work with students at both Patrick Henry Elementary School and Yorktown High School through the Arlington County Partners in Education program.

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