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Friday, August 29, 2014

VPI (Virginia Preschool Initiative)


DearParents,                                                                 Week of January 20, 2014                                                                                  

OurVPI team hopes everyone had a wonderful and restful break.  We are lookingforward to seeing the students succeed in the 2014 school year. 

In language arts, the children are learning how theylisten for sounds at the beginning of words. They sort pictures that offer aclear contrast (such as m and s) into two or more categories at a time. Thispicture sorting helps the English language learners build their vocabularies.

In math, manychildren are able to recognizepatterns around them and create simple patterns in their drawings and withobjects. Please help your child understand the concept of patterns, which aresomething repeating and find any patterns, such as AB, AABB, AAB, ABC, and soon in your environment.


Successful Prek Expeditionary Learning Showcase Night

The student’s learning about ourcommunity has blossomed. The fall showcase night was held onDecember 19th  (Thursday) at5:30 to conclude 8 weeks of Expeditionary Learning. The students proudlypresented what they have learned about the important places and the people intheir communities. Thank you for the parents who came and participated in theactivities with the children.


PALS(PhonologicalAwareness Literacy Screening) and DMA(Developmental Math Assessment)

Thechildren are being assessed for PALS and DMA in January. We are glad to seemuch progress from the beginning. The specific information about your child’s performancewill be provided to the parents during the parent teacher conference days.



GiveKids a Smile (Dental Day)

The children whoare eligible will participate in Dental Day, on February 7th at the Medical Education Campus inSpringfield. Thechildren will have an opportunity to see what dentists and hygienists do andthe tools that they use to perform their jobs. Remind your child how importantit is for us to take care of our teeth. Ask him/her which food is good or badfor teeth.

In case of snow-
In case of snow, ice orother unusual conditions, school officials may decide to close school, delayschool opening, or send students home early. Parents and students are urged notto call schools. All area media outlets are notified in the event of schoolclosings, delays and early dismissals.     

Upcoming Dates and Events

February5- Early Release (Wednesday) Wedismiss the children at 12:25.

February 7- Dental Day(Friday)

February 13- FieldTrip to the Nation History Museumin DC to see Before the People Came

February17 - No School, Presidents’ Day Holiday

March6, 7- Parent Teacher Conferences



Dear Parents,

In unit 3 of OWL(Opening the World of Learning) the studentsare exploring wind and water using observations, experiments, and books tolearn more about such topics as evaporation, weather, temperature, insulation,rain, and snow. Through the Story Time books, the students hear about a boyplaying on a windy day, baby rabbits and kittens finding shelter in storms, achild playing in the snow, and a silly hen trying to keep warm in winter. Inaddition to listening to stories, the students increase their listening andspeaking vocabulary and continue to learn about rhymes and identifying lettersand sounds.

Our VPI teamhopes everyone will have a wonderful and restful break.  We are lookingforward to seeing the students for a successful 2014 school year.  

Fall Showcase Night09

The fall showcase night will be held on December 19h to

conclude 10 weeks of Expeditionary Learning. The students

are excitedly waiting for the showcase night to present

what they learned about the important places and the people in

our community. The field trips to our community helped students

to understand that there are many different places and people

working together to make our community better. We are so

proud to be in our community and thankful for the community



 The weather is getting cold. Children need to play outside to get fresh air and explore nature in the late fall and early winter scene. The children bundle up before playing outside in cold air. Please send your child to school wearing gloves, a hat, and a coat. The children feel comfortable with sneakers at school instead boots.

In case ofsnow- in case ofsnow, ice or other unusual conditions, school officials may decide to closeschool, delay school opening, or send students home early. Parents and studentsare urged not to call schools. All area media outlets are notified in the eventof school closings, delays and early dismissals.     


Upcoming Dates and Events

Preschool Showcase: Thursday, December 19thfrom  5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Winter Break: December 23th (Monday) - January 1st(Wednesday)

                       Children will come back to school onThursday, January 2nd.

Martin Luther King Day: Monday, January 20th,Noschool

Grade Prep Day: Tuesday,January 21st, No school


Weekof November 4, 2013


                           Friends Curriculum

The New CurriculumUnit teaches us about friendship, how to be a good friend, and ways to resolveconflicts with friends. Through the Story Time books, the students hear aboutthe importance of being who you are, helping friends, enjoying special timestogether, and getting along. During this unit the children are further encouragedto engage in conversations with each other and adults.  Encouraging children to ask “Can I play,too?”  or “Can I help, too?” opens uplots of play opportunities.  In additionto listening to the stories, the students learn to identify rhyming words andbeginning letters and sounds in words, as they build vocabulary andcomprehension skills. They will also participate in a variety of music, poetry,math, science, and art activities.


Literacy& Mathematic Screening

At this time thechildren are being s creened by their teacher forphonological awareness; their understanding of letter names, letter sounds,words that rhyme, and beginning familiarity with written text and mathematicalskills; forward and backward route counting, one-to-one correspondence,cardinality, numeral recognition, formation, and number relationships.  The results of these assessments are used tohelp guide us in teaching your child pre-literacy and mathematic skills. 


Walking Field Trip around Campbell Schoolre


 The students took theopportunity to walk through the neighbor around Campbell school. They perceivedthe sense of nature and structures around us and people doing different thingsin our neighborhood. This time provided the opportunity for them to build thevocabulary, such as the stream, paths, woods, streets sidewalks, fallenleaves, and so on. The students are all waiting for the upcoming field trip toWestover to see a wider community. We have also been tour inside our school atCampbell looking for the Gingerbread man and meeting all the community membersof our school. In this way students are learning to see school, neighborhood,and the natural world are all communities.

Thank you

  Toeveryone for returning the Share Books each day.

  To all of you for devoting your time on theCampbell Garden Work Day.

  To all of you for sending your child to schooleveryday dressed for outdoor play.


Days to Remember

Veteran’s Day Monday 11/11, NoSchool      

Field Trip to Westover Mall Wednesday 11/13, leaving at 9:30 and coming back at12:30

Thanksgiving Holiday 11/27-11/29, NoSchool

Early Release 12/11 Wednesday


Week of October 7th, 2013


Daily SchoolRoutine

Manychildren can now use our schedule cards to predict what will happen duringtheir day at school. They are interpreting the icons and words of the schedulecards, combining that information with what they know about our school routine.Together, the icon, written words and context allow our children to givemeaning to print. Is this reading? Well, not like adults read. But, it is animportant step toward reading and it makes kids feel powerful about print. Yourchild can do this at home and even in the car by “reading” labels and signs.Our class’s daily schedule is available on the Campbell website.


Math Tip

Hereare some tips to help your child develop math concepts. Math activities forpreschoolers are everywhere: They count stairs as they go up or down, help youmeasure ingredients as you cook, classify their toys into groups, set the tablewith exactly one of each item for each person, and notice the shapes of boxesand cans at the store. The most powerful math activities forpreschoolers are often "hidden" inside children's play. Forexample, children classify objects (stacking blocks by shape or sortingthem by color); measure things ("This cloth isn't big enough tocover the table"); count just about anything (coins, candy,people, toys, and so on); transform objects (stretching dough andmaking a flat circular shape); recognize patterns and shapes (building asymmetrical structure by putting a single two unit block over two one unit blocks).


Fall  Expeditionary   Learning:  We  are  Here- Community

The fall Expedition launched last week. Thestudents started to look around the Campbellschool to find out what/who is here. They will expand to our broader community.The OWL unit 1 about Family is wrapping up, so it is good for the students toextend their learning to other worlds. We plan three field trips, a walkingfield trip around our neighborhood, Oxon Hillfarm, and Westover shopping mall. These are authentic experiences. The studentswill learn that there are many different places and people working together tomake our community. The showcase will be held on December 19th at5:30 pm. Further information will be provided soon.

FieldTrip Chaperones Welcome


OxonHill Farm                Wednesday 10/16  9:30-1:30

Comedown to the farm to milk a cow, feed the chikens, go on a hay ride and learnhow people and animals depend on each other in this rural community.

WestoverCommunity       Wednesday 11/8  9:30-1:00     west

Takea walk through a community to meet shop keepers, restauranteurs, bankers,librarians, mail carriers, barbers, pharmasists and people from all over theworld.


            Dates to rememember


Picture Day  10/9 Wednesday

P/T Conferences  10/10, 11 Thursday & Friday,  No school

Teacher Professional Learning Day  10/14 Monday,No school

Early Release  10/23 Wednesday – Students dismiss at 12:20

Grade Preparation Day 11/5 Tuesday, No school

Veterans Day11/11 Monday, No school                                                             




Week of September 9, 2013


Dear Parents, 1


The VPI team is very excited about the coming year and lookforward to working with you and your child. Our Home Visits have been suchvaluable times to build the relationship with the families. We appreciate yourtime to make it happen. We would like to see you again on Back-to-School-Night.

Since schoolstarted, the children have spent a lot of time getting to know each other and therules, learning how to be a preschooler, and most of all adjusting to a newenvironment. Here are a few highlights to help you know what to expect in theweeks ahead:


2 Unit 1 Family


The students explore and talk about families and the many different ways family members relate to and help one another. Besides listening to stories about families, students begin to recognize initial sound in words and identify rhyming words as they build vocabulary and comprehension skills. They are also participating in a variety of music, poetry, mathematics, science, and art activities.


The Letters in Your Child’s Name3


Recognizing the letters in their own names and thebeginning sound of it is a very powerful way for the children to learn lettersand sounds. Please help your childremember the letters in his/her name. If your child knows all letters inhis/her name, help your child work on the sound of each letter in the name.


Clothes- Sometimes the weather is notpredictable, so please make sure your child’s clothing is appropriate for theweather. It is important to make sure your child is wearing proper clothes andshoes for recess and P.E. Sneakers are the right choice for your children to doactive movement.


Its Time to Go to Bed!

Teachers notice that a child who had a nice sleep over the nightis more likely to be ready for school. Students at Campbell should wake up early in the morningfor school. If your child stays late at night, he/she will have a hard timefocusing on school activities. So, you are encouraged to put your child in thebed around 8:00 pm.



Schoolyard Work Day: September 14th, 9:00 am- 12:00 pm

Back-to-School Night: September 17th, 6:30 pm -8:00 pm


Please contact us if you have questions.

VPI Team

The first week of school, 2013

Welcome to VPI program at Campbell!

We are very pleased to have your precious children in our classes. We inform you that there are several things that you are expected to remember or respond to as soon as possible.

1. During the first week of school please complete the first day packet and fill out the forms that need your signature. Send them to school with your child’s school bag as soon as possible.

2. Your child needs an extra pair of clothes in case of an accident. Please put a shirt, pants, underwear, and socks in the plastic bag and write your child’s name on it.

5 3. Your child also needs a blanket for a nap/quiet time. Your child will feel cozy and comfortable with their own blanket during the quiet time. Your child’s blanket will be sent home every Friday. Please wash it over the weekend and let your child bring it back to school on the next school day.

4. We share the school supplies that your child brings through this school year. Please put the school supplies in the bag and write your child’s name on it, but not on each item.  

5. Your child will bring home the Thursday folder every Thursday. Take all papers out of the folder for reading and put only the forms that need your response back in the folder. Your child needs to bring the folder on Friday.

6. The students who eat breakfast at school please arrive by 7:45. Officially, we start school at 8:00 every morning. It is important for the children to begin the morning meeting at the same time all together. If you drop your child to school, please be at school by 7:55. After 8:00, you are expected to stop by the office to get a tardy slip and give the tardy slip to your teacher. If your child will be absent, call Campbell attendance line at 703-228-8450. 

7. We dismiss the children at 02:35. When you have a reason to pick up your child early, please stop by the office and talk to the office staff. If someone other than you needs to pick up your child, please send a note with your child in the morning. 

8. We all look forward to seeing you on Back-to-School Night, September 17th at 6:30 p.m. More information is available on the Campbell website.

VPI Team

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