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Staff Resources

Staff Resources
http://www.apsva.us/google Office for home and work
App Request Form http://goo.gl/poHk7   
Barrett iPad Information Sheet http://goo.gl/c8ER0 
Graphite http://www.graphite.org/  Platform to help teachers find the best apps. 
Edshelf http://edshelf.com/ Find both web sites and apps to use with students. 
Fastt Math Teachers http://scholastic.aps:55880/slms/educatoraccess Only accessible in a school building  

http://atomiclearning.com - This link works from any school in Arlington to give access to Atomic Learning without a login. Please see the classroom teacher for instructions on home access for students and families.

Discovery Education http://www.discoveryeducation.com Thousands of videos, clip art, images, songs, sound files. Use Writing Prompt Builder, Quiz Builder and Assignment Builder with your class.

ERO Eschool Solutions (Electronic Registrar Online) This is the Staff Development Catolog Organization ID 55103
Login is your employee ID. Talk to the ITC for password.
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