1426 N Quincy St
Arlington, VA 22207
Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Purchasing Office


The Arlington County School Board intends to
  • purchase goods and services of high quality at reasonable cost;
  • make sure that all purchasing actions are fair and impartial with no impropriety or appearance of impropriety; and
  • ensure that all qualified buyers and sellers have access to School Board business, no offeror is arbitrarily or capriciously excluded, and there is the maximum feasible amount of competition.

Bid Opportunities

For current bid opportunities, visit the Purchasing Office at 1426 North Quincy Street, on the-4th floor of the Ed Center Building, or call the Purchasing Clerk at 703-228-2411.

Procurement Personnel

Director/ Purchasing Agent
David J. Webb, C.P.M.
Assistant Director of Purchasing
Temporary Vacant
Senior Buyer
Frances A. Jones
Ken Lawson, CPPB
Purchasing Technician
Thanh Thai

The Purchasing Process

Arlington Public Schools (APS) has centralized procurement authority under the Purchasing Agent, and purchases a wide variety of goods and services to support all of Arlington's public schools. APS utilizes the competitive bidding process, using Invitation for Bid (IFB) whenever possible. Under this process an award is made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. APS also utilizes a competitive sealed proposal process to purchase goods and services, when factors other than price must be considered in selecting a vendor. This method is used for the Request for Proposals (RFP) and competitive negotiations (reference Purchasing Resolution).

Solicitation Process

APS purchases a wide variety of goods and services to support the schools. APS has a procurement process that allows Departments/Schools to solicit bids directly up to a value of $50,000. For procurement transactions over $50,000 APS utilizes a formal solicitation process - either a competitive bidding process, or competitive negotiation process, which is conducted by personnel in the Purchasing Office.
Under the formal solicitation process, the Purchasing office sends a notice to registered bidders when a solicitation is available for the commodity or service the bidder provides. Recent solicitations can be found under Current Bids or by calling 703-228-2411.

Becoming An APS Bidder

APS no longer registers vendors through its Purchasing Department and no longer selects or notifies vendors of procurement opportunities.
APS now uses eVA, the Commonwealth of Virginia electronic portal for advertising all procurement opportunities having a value of over $50,000.
Vendors do not have to register through eVA to submit responses to APS bids or request for proposals, but registration is encouraged.  Registration will not only provide vendors notice of APS solicitations, but also of solicitations of other local governments and state agencies.  At this time there is no annual fee to register.
The links to the eVA home page are, http://www.eva.state.va.us/, and the eVA vendor registration page http://www.eva.state.va.us/register/vendorreg.htm.
Vendors who have general questions about the eVA procurement portal or need eVA registration assistance, should call eVA Customer Care at 1-866-289-7367.
Notice of Invitation for Bids and requests for Proposals will continue to be posted on a public bulletin board at 1426 N. Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22207 and on the Purchasing Department Website.  Requests for Proposals are advertised in the Arlington Sun Gazette newspaper.
Last Modified on March 25, 2014