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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Extended Day

Who We Are; What We Do


· The Extended Day Program, which includes the middle school Check-In programs, is operated by Arlington Public Schools to provide a safe and fun environment for children whose parents are working, in school, or incapacitated.


· The Extended Day Program, which operates at each elementary and middle school (except H-B Woodlawn) and the Stratford Program, is self regulated and meets or exceeds Virginia State Licensing Standards.


· Extended Day programs in the elementary schools operate before and after each regularly-scheduled school day. The middle school Check-In programs do not have a before-school component, but operate after each regularly-scheduled school day.


· With written permission from parents/guardians, middle school Check-In students may leave the program without being signed out by an adult.


Check-in students may participate freely in school and/or Check-In sponsored on-site after school activities, clubs, sports, and scheduled events.

Last Modified on October 29, 2015