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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Room 111

Room 111 - High School MIP-A

Room 111  

Teacher:   Shawn Waddell
Assistants:  Adrienne Day, Carolyn Jackson, and Alex Mercado-Reza
Phone number: 703-228-6306

Our class of six students, three instructional assistants, and a teacher is one of two high school Multi Intervention Program for Children with Autism (MIP-A) class in Arlington County.

Our primary focus is on Social Skills and improving vocational and independent living skills through a highly structured environment. From our morning group to set up our daily schedule, to departure to extended day or the bus, we spend each day working hard towards our individual goals for the school year.  Our class time is divided between equally between social skills, academics and vocational training.

Our students go to various job sites as well as campus jobs.  We enjoy going to the swimming pool and taking trips to the community.

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